1871 Foundation of “Malyn Paper Mill Company” by a Radomyshl’ merchant of the second guild - Seber Alois Ivanovych. Installation of the first papermaking machine – self-scooping machine. The main paper grade – cigarette (tissue) paper.

1872 Recognition of mill’s products at the World Trade and Industrial Exhibition in Vienna.

1873 Foundation of Joint-Stock Company “Malyn writing-paper mill”.

1873 Management Board of the companymoved from Kyiv to a permanent place in Malyn.

1906–1911 Recognition of mill’s products at the international exhibition in Brussels and All-Russian exhibitions in Rostov-on-Don and Edinets.

1919 Practically all premises of the mill were destroyed by the fire.

1920 Beginning of the reconstruction.

1930 First production of capacitor paperin the USSR.

1941–1945 Years of occupation. The mill was destroyed by war.

1949 Five papermaking machines were restored. Production of thin (10 grams) capacitor paper was mastered.

1950 Pre-war level of paper production was exceeded.

1951–1965 The company employees became winners (20 times) in the socialist competitions of the industry with awarding the Red Flag of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, the Ministry of pulp-paper industry and Central Trade Union Committee of workers of wooden, paper and woodworking industry.

1957 Capacitor paper with thickness 4 microns was firstly produced in the USSR.

1960 Beginning of the specialization in production of capacitor paper.

1961 Industrial output of capacitor paper with thickness 4-5 microns was mastered.

1970 Awarded the State High-Quality Mark for the capacitor paper with thickness 5 microns.

1971 The company was awarded the Order of the October revolution for the achieved production success and in connection with the 100th anniversary of the company.

1973 Operation of 13 papermaking machines at the mill.

1973–1975 Construction of industrial treatment buildings.

1974 Putting into operation of a bay for heat-sensitive paper production.

1978 Development and implementation of a new production technology of photosensitive diazotype tracing paper with increased transparency (first in the USSR).

1980 Putting into operation of a high voltage line with 53 km length.

1992 Conclusion of a trade agreement for the transformer board purchase between the company and “WICOR Holding AG” corporation (Switzerland).

1993 “Golden Star” award (Madrid) for the excellence in corporate image and quality.

1994 Company transformation into Open Joint-Stock Company “Malyn Paper Mill”.

2000 “WICOR Holding AG” corporation became a shareholder that owned the biggest package of company shares.

2003 Distribution of the quality management system ISO 9001:2000.

2007 Putting into operation of a new office building.

2008 Change of the company name into JSC “Weidmann Malyn paper Mill”. Introduction of environment management system ISO 14001:2004.

2009 Implementation of resource planning system on the basis of SAP.

2010 Change of the company name into Joint Stock Company “WEIDMANN MALYN PAPER MILL”.